Our Corporate

Our goal is to benefit our clients and contribute to society through the provision of service management.

Our Mission

DIG2 Next was made for revitalizing the Japanese economy and strengthen its global competitiveness through service management. In order to achieve that goal, we will continue to grow continuously with our customers.

Vision 2025

We aim to become an industry leader that embodies the best of service management in Japan providing consulting and education services that help our customers' companies have dynamic capabilities suitable for the digital age.

Core Value

We will continue to grow and please our customers by achieving growth and making new discoveries.

Delight In Growth (DIG)

We will continue to grow and please our customers by achieving growth and making new discoveries.

Proactive & Energy

We act quickly without missing any opportunity. We highly support our customers, never giving up and carrying through right to the end in everything we do.

Honesty & Reliable

With priority on being honest and reliable, we address our clients’ challenges with sincerity.

Fun & Teamwork

With a sense of building teamwork with our clients, we have fun in all that we do. Because we believe it will encourage further mutual growth.

Small Start Quick Wins

Continuing to advance in small steps, we strive to become a "company that is constantly growing."

DIG2 Next’s Commitment

We will continue to grow and please our customers by achieving growth and making new discoveries.

  • Provision of Expertise
    Provision of Expertise

    The key part of service management is the ability to identify a client’s issues and find appropriate methods, both when making valuable suggestions to the client and during quality control.
    As professionals, DIG2 Next provides services that suit each individual customer.

  • Appropriate Fees
    Fair Price

    DIG2 Next delivers services of the highest quality for a fair price.

  • Client’s Point of View
    Client’s Point of View

    DIG2 Next appreciates altruism.
    Our priority is to think about what will be good for the client and for the people who work there. We will contribute to the development of society by providing services that are beneficial to our customers.

Intention Behind Our Name

Delight In Growth with Global solution

Our delight is always to be with our customers' pleasure in growth.

The word "DIG" means "digging" or "discovering" and we are always looking to help our customers in promotion. That's why company decided to change name to "DIG2 Solutions". The basic idea was "growing with you and enjoying new discoveries."
And in 2017, after 10 years in business, we changed our name to "DIG2 Next".
It's our statement of our commitment to create value in the new era for the next decade.

  • Delight in Growth

    Through our educational and consulting services, we focus on growth through professional skills development and enhancement of corporate organizational strengths.

  • Dig: Realizations and New Discoveries

    We deeply understand the problems of our clients and, from the same point of view as our clients, make improvements to these problems as we move towards the final goal.

Our ultimate mission is to contribute to revitalizing the economy and enhancing the global competitiveness of Japanese companies.
In order to achieve this goal, we are delivering service management solutions to our clients in the best way to support their service businesses.