from the CEO

Our goal is to contribute enhancing the global competitiveness of Japanese companies through professional development that leads to the digital era and consulting that supports DX.

Several years have passed since the business scene moved from the era of simple production and sale of products. Service companies are now at the forefront.
Outside Japan, convenient and innovative services that make use of AI-based data analysis and ICT are emerging one after another. It has reached a point where a business will not even have a place to stand on the global playing field unless it takes advantage of those digital technologies.
That trend will only accelerate further with the advent of the 5G era.

In order to survive among these trends of the new era,companies need a service management provided by people capable of thinking flexible and diverse from a global perspective, come up with new innovations with digital ideas, and be creative and design-oriented.

DIG2 Next supports the service management of companies from the dual angles of education to develop such people from inside the company and consulting that discovers and solves issues from an objective viewpoint, with a desire to contribute to revitalizing the economy and enhancing the global competitiveness of Japanese companies.

Representative Director Toshio Suzuki
March 2020
DIG2 Next Inc.
Representative Director
Toshio Suzuki