Privacy PolicyThe DIG2 Next Inc. (“the Company”) privacy policy is provided below.

Acquisition of Personal Information

  1. Personal information that we acquire will be automatically collected and stored every time you use our services, as well as personal information that you enter after confirming. Information (including information such as http cookies collected while using our website and security camera footage filmed at training venues) may also be acquired.
  2. Regarding personal information received through a third party, eg. employer, Company shall handle the information on the assumption that the personal information has been received appropriately with the consent of the owner of the information.
  3. If a non-client has applied for using Company’s services and has an intention to use the services as an agent of the client, such use shall be conditional upon the provision to the Company of that agent’s personal information.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The purposes of use of_personal information shall include the following, as well as the purposes indicated in the place where you entered the information.

  1. For the company to provide you with educational services.
  2. To inform you by phone, e-mail, or direct mail about training courses, promotional campaigns, events, and other updates.
  3. To respond to your various inquiries.
  4. To provide training services as a business.

Sending and providing personal information

The Company keeps your personal information confidential. The Company will not use your personal information for any purpose other than mentioned above, and the Company will not disclose, divulge or use such information for any other purpose without the customer’s consent . However, this excludes the circumstances below.

  1. After Confirmation
  2. When transferring personal information to a subcontractor with whom we have entered into a confidentiality agreement regarding personal information, to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use that we have indicated to you.
  3. When the Company transfers personal information of the customer to the third party for the purpose of workshop etc., then the Company acts as an agent for attending the training service such as the seminar held by the third party. In this case, the personal information handling rules of the third party shall apply to the personal information of the customer provided by the Company to the third party.
  4. When the Company provides your personal information to the trusted third party that licenses the Company to hold a workshop with necessary procedures such as sending the study materials needed for_workshop or for your certification. In these cases, your personal information provided by Company to the trusted third party will be handled according to the trusted third party’s rules for the handling of personal information.
  5. In case your personal information is provided to the Company through a third party such as your employer, then the Company provides your personal information to the mentioned third party.
  6. When disclosure of personal information is requested pursuant to law or ordinance.
  7. When the provision of personal information is permitted without your consent by law or ordinance.

Disclosure, amendment, deletion, and use of personal information and refusal to provide personal information

If, regarding your personal information, a request is made by the person who provided the information for its disclosure, amendment, deletion, or use, or refusal to provide it, we will undertake the necessary procedures to comply with such request promptly upon confirmation of the identity of the party making the request. Specifically, please make an inquiry to the Company or refer to the explanation of Requests for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information.